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Wednesday 10 July 2002

Potty pot [Slim]

So you'll have all seen the news that pot is to be officially de-classified to C in October. I understand that many police forces have been doing this unofficially for some time, so you've got to wonder a little what the fuss is about. Anyway, I noticed this little stinger in the BBC's coverage: Mr Blunkett raised the maximum sentence for dealers of class B and C drugs from five years to 14 years. So you're not going to be able to buy any of the stuff anyway. Top! I also love the way any stories on the subject are featuring prominent politicians backed with pictures of weed on the beeb, hilarious!


  1. Blunkett actually looks completely stoned in that picture too. Coincidence? I think not!

  2. Not suprised, he's got a huge pot plant behind him!

  3. I wonder if he knows it's there? He is blind you know. Someone probably put it there to make him look silly in the photograph! Those rascals!

  4. whats the problem? Lower it for casual use but crackdown on the dealers. Grow your own!

  5. Slim, Brixton's streets are crawling with dealers and they're dealing class A drugs which have jail times like this anyway. I think reclassification was the right thing to do but clearly maximum-sentences makes utterly no difference to cleaning the streets. That needs coppers to pull their fingers out.I tell you something though, anyone noticed the utter u-turn of Blair? He was responsible for that hard liner anti-drug 'czar' and has used uncompromising language about cannabis in the past. I always thought that was a good example of how out of touch they are.The question is, who fetched them a clue?