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Sunday 21 November 2004

AmLAN - The Aftermath [Spiny]

Wow, what a weekend! Great to see everyone & dish out large helpings of 0wnage topped off with smack talk sauce. Ahem.
Here's a classic weekend moment. When watching the vid, just remember how everyone was cheering & chanting Dave to victory. Heh.
Post your snaps up here & for heavens sake G-man, get that Singstar wobbly cam footage up. Slim's Ace of Spades was a hoot.
I'll echo the others thanks to Clan-Am & start thinking about Wurzel-LAN 05 & let the detox begin....


  1. Brilliant! Nicely done Spiny!
    Excellent weekend all round. Profound gratitude to the Family Amnesia for hosting it, and profound apologies to Am's neighbours (who probably thought Am was throwing an Ian Paisley tribute party...).
    Highlights for me: UT2k4, Singstar and Brit's Three Hour Verbal Smackdown Marathon on saturday night. Brilliant!
    See you all in two months time at "ShedLan"!

  2. Suck my green cum!

  3. I wonder if his wife has found the goats head in her bed yet?
    Top w/e Am - many thanks!
    p.s. bill for my fucked PC bits to follow :-)

  4. Sounds like it was a great w/e, now where is the piccys?

  5. Absolutely top quality hosting! I'll bring a computer next time, I promise :) Bloody nice house as well, I wonder what state it's in after hosting a shed-load of EED for the weekend?

  6. What a laugh, well done one and all.
    big up ta much to Am for his masterclass hosting skills, puts slims efforts to shame :)
    A huge personal ta much to Pod, supplying me with carriage and a laptop for the event. Much appreciated.
    I am ecstatic to report I won the battle of the vomit and tho I felt like a microwaved turd all Sunday, I didn't succumb and kept it down.
    Am, what the fuck was that whisky we had!?

  7. My god.
    AmLAN was a complete success. Awesome. GMan, you're a star and huge thanks for sorting a truly fantastic weekend.
    Pictures, videos, memories.. they'll be sure to come, but right now, I'm still getting over the last vestiges of the drunkest I've been in some considerable time :)

  8. I was in the airport duty free, thinking of buying the wife something, when I saw an aftershave which made me laugh out loud.
    "Burberry Brit, for Men".

  9. Thanks to everyone for coming - I had a top time too! Total cost of venture is relatively low to the Gaff due to Sunday tidying up behaviour (well done those fellas!) and skillz supplied by Mr Dyson. Regretfully there is some collatoral damage as there's now a pub in town I can't go into due to Pod asking for a banana milkshake at about 7 o'clock on a Saturday night.
    Many excellent memories of the whole weekend and movie footage to follow once I've got a firewire card for this puter.
    And Shed - we were drinking Caol Isla 12 year old. About 2/5ths of a bottle of it. Which is important when you've been on the lash for 15 hours.
    To the next one! (As soon as its decent to ship the missus and by then fingers crossed two small children out the door). Exiled from their own house you say? Yes by god - there's smackdown to be had!

  10. Just be glad I didn't wear my slippers there too!

  11. and, I also want to express my thanks to all those involved for a great weekend. Its one I wont forget for some time.

  12. Really, the most fun Ive had in ages, and indeed saturday was the drunkest Ive been in ages, the logical follow on being sunday I felt worse than I have done in ages. I blame brit, and those evil drinks he was forcing me to drink :)
    Singstar is the best game ever, and I hope everyone ordered it this morning :)
    I will upload my photos this evening, but I got home last night, dropped by bags/pc in kitchen and went right to bed, did not wake until this morning.

  13. Here's some snaps up here.I should have taken more, but am slack and was terribly drunk.

  14. I will put up mine later (should have last night, but got delayed in nova prospect!)

  15. Come on slackers. We wanna see pics and vids!

  16. Lurks has put up some snaps,