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Thursday 4 November 2004

You got a poppy? [Brit]

November 11th is Remembrance Day in the UK and the British Legion have yet to appear in force anywhere to remind the public.
Despite working in the center of London, I have only seen one person with a box of poppies, at Paddington Station - and that person was seemingly being pointedly ignored by just about everyone.
The British Legion do fantastic work for ex and current servicemen and women, and of course are the bastion of Rememberance; an annual uncomfortable reminder of just how ugly things can get.
I always wear a poppy, but I can't help thinking that perhaps the reasons for wearing it are no longer properly communicated to folk - after all, if people understood, surely they would buy one and support the Legions' work?
Perhaps in this society of what amounts to near selfishness & apathy across the board, the poppy and Rememberance Day simply doesn't have the meaning and import that it a) used to, and b) should still.
If that's the case, it's a very sad state of affairs indeed; so go on, buy a poppy.


  1. I dont want to sound like a twat here, I buy one every year, but I dont wear it (as lots of Irish people would do)
    I got one from my local shop last year, as I will do at some point this year. I really think most people do get them.

  2. I have to confess that as a non-British citizen I've never actually been clear on what the British Legion actually do. I know the origin of the poppy symbol (the poppies that grew over the mass graves and battlefields of the first world war) but have never actually understood where the quid would go if I deigned to buy one.
    Is it purely a veteran's charity for First World War veterans?

  3. No. It was formed in 1921 to support Great War veterans, but has since expanded to offer support to all serving and former members of the British armed forces and their dependants.
    More info here and here.

  4. I usually buy more than one, because they get stolen by my kids :)

  5. I have a poppy; an American at dinner asked me "if it was for Guy Fawkes". Erp!

  6. does anyone else find it really hard to buy these now? or is it just me....