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Wednesday 2 March 2005

New series - the camera never lies! [Houmous]

What you are looking at here is a recently rediscovered photo of my good self at the tender age of about 11 having won a competition in the Brentford, Ealing and Chiswick Times to become the proud owner of the actual Rolex worn by James Bond in Thunderball.
The floozy presenting it to me (at Ealing Odeon) is Molly Peters an actress who appears early on in the film (as a nurse) and is one of Sean C’s early conquests.
Note how my pathetic skinny wrist is to small for the watch (which I never saw again - my mum swapped it for a Timex - "far more sensible for you Son") even on its tightest setting.
Molly Peters refused to come in and watch the film with me (“I've seen it six times love") and I spent months wanking myself stupid thinking of her (her breasts were pushing into me for a good 10 mins while the press took photos).
To this day I make Di dress up in a nurses uniform at least twice a month....sigh


  1. You look like you just came!

  2. Mummy, I just did a sticky!

  3. Let's get this right. You won the Rolex worn by Sean Connery in probably the most iconic bond film of them all and she swapped it for a *Timex*???? I expect that watch would be worth what 10, 20 grand today?

  4. Not to mention that there's a huge cost difference between a Rolex and a Timex and in summary your mum ripped you off for some cash!

  5. Am is spot on - ripped by your mum - does it get any worse than that? Interestingly about 6 years ago i.e. 31 years later, I got a letter from the James Bond Appreciation Society. I thought it was a wind up but it wasn't. Basically they said they had spent years tracking me down and were willing to pay "a very good price indeed" for the watch if I still had it.... *weep*