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Wednesday 2 March 2005

He wears frilly knickers and he wears a bra [Slim]

My local station, Manx Radio, carried the ranting this morning of the lead happy-clapping nut job in charge of the protests outside our Theatre this week. He's handing out pro christian propoganda to people going to see a production of Jesus Christ Superstar.
The most alarming thing he said was that not only were they attempting to counter the imagery in the show, but were also hoping that simply by attending, that they would intimidate people enough that they wouldn't even consider going to see the show.
What is with these people? We're bombarded with pro christian brainwashing all day long, yet the second something that may carry an alternative opinion comes up, they want to ban and boycott it. What are they scared of? Is their faith so shakey that they can't allow people to make up their own mind?
This is a very dangerous way of thinking. I accept that christians have their beliefs, and let them have their say. Why can't they do the same back to the rest of society?


  1. Religion has never been a supporter of free speech or a safe haven for reasoned argument. It's always been about the surpression of free speech & control of the populace. You either believe or you don't. If you don't tow the line then you're obviously evil & will burn for all eternity. The Church is sometimes one of the best, but sometimes one of the worst humanitarian organisanions. Lots of well meaning aid & voulanteer work countered by something as inane as banning contraception in Africa & South America, telling people they'll be damned if they use a condom. Never mind the kids born into abject poverty eh?
    Still, at least cases like this should undermine people taking any notice of what these nuts have to say.

  2. Well, the fact that they are religious is proof that they are idiots. So this No Tolerance bullshit is just one flaw among others in their wacky wacky world! (Mind you, i am grateful for catholic schooluniforms and latex nunoutfits, i really am)

  3. I'm really disturbed by the rising activism of wooly christians. Its fucing awful in the US to the point you can see a virtual cival war under way. There was massive protests about Desperate Housewives from the nutters but why? We're 6 or so episodes in here and nothing remotley controversal in it - there is far dodgier stuff in East Enders. There was an epic row about Ms Jacksons tits on the superbowl yet where were these caring folks protests about brutality etc? The scariest thing I have seen was 'who wrote the bible' a very well made doc on over xmas. In it the guy went to interview some US christians and they literally believe every word of the bible is true. SO there was this flood right, and every single person on the planet died except this one guy and his family and there pets and EVERYONE alive now descends from that minute pool of genes...