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Tuesday 22 February 2005

Jew boy journalist - back in your box! [Beej]

Ah, glad that subject got your attention. I'm getting sick of this Mayor bashing, and I've not even been watching the News. I don't interpret anything Red Ken said as racist, and good for him for standing by his original decision (wrong or not?) and explaining why he is doing so.
He's being matter-of-fact and candid, a pretty rare thing in these days of Tony's Cronies. Stick by your guns, Newty! He was insensitive, sure. Bit harsh, maybe. Has bought too many fucking buses, definitely. But they're both adults. Better a Mayor with a bit of spunk than a Westminster puppet.
This journalist... I've heard the tape of the "nazi jibe". There was no Nazi jibe. Newt Boy is the mayor, Jew Boy is the journalist. Mayor trumps journo, unless Journo uses the Secret Weapon called "Good Story" to defeat any politician. But no, this journalist seems to be an over-sensitive little puss.
(I for one would find it very amusing if Ken Livingstone changed his name by deed poll to OBERLEUTENANT KENNETH VON LIVINGSTEIN and issued the called-for apology under that name)
It would be a journo who essentially answers to the Daily Mail wouldn't it? If it was a more reputable bunch of people, I might give a shit. It's fucked up enough that on this occasion I'm standing up for a Socialist Mayor. Maybe I've got it all wrong.


  1. Too right Benny! Ken has secured my vote in the next Mayoral's through his stance on this. The mail and the Jewish community are bleeting like fucking mentlars on this one. Nice to see a politician with a bit of backbone standing up to the right wing press and vocal religious minorities.
    My favourite piece of Ken smackdown ( was fired today:
    'He added: "To the Daily Mail group, no-one in Britain is less qualified to complain about anti-Semitism.'

  2. Hear Hear!
    Not only is this prick of a journalist an attention seeking deficient, but an ugly fucker to boot. A double whammy no less.
    Ken could have been slightly more politic about his choice of insults - me, I'd have called the guy a talentless cunt and be done with it!

  3. Brit, you can't call a Jew "talentless cunt"! You anti-semite shit!

  4. Yes, you're right.
    Let's ignore the fact he is Jewish (I mean who cares? get over it already) and focus on the fact that he's a tacky journo-gimp flogging this story for as much as he can in an attempt to kick start his journalistic visilibity.
    Meanwhile, he should learn what 'racist' actually means, and when to apply it so that it makes sense, and cease being a gobby moron!

  5. Another big thumbs up for me for the general sentament shown in this blog. I've always been a bit warey of Red Ken, particularly with how much he's willing to surround himself with highly-paid cronies, but just like you guys I can't help having respect for someone that refuses to bow to the ridiculous politically correct disease which is infesting this land.
    The Jewish council, or some such outfit (hey, why don't we start the White Atheist Organisation or something?) is still getting press time for saying they're not happy that Ken hasn't apologised. I seriously doubt that any real holocaust survivers feel insulted by this issue, knowing far too well what shit really matters in life. If you are offended by it, well, so fucking what - it wasn't said to you anyway you big-nose money-hoarding jewish cockwipes! :-)
    Ken's right not to apologise to the daily mail scumbags. They scaremongered about Jews in the years gone by and now it's asylum seekers and muslims and they're trying to play the wounded party here? Jesus Christ fuck off you sub-human talentless hacks!
    The episode also demonstrates the gulf between a proper human being (Ken) and a politician, with Blair falling over himself to suggest that Ken should apologise. Now I still think Ken is a bit of a cunt, to be honest, but the man fixed the busses and he speaks his mind. I think having a man like this as major of London is exactly the antidote we need to the liberal bullshit disease and I'd rather have him in this job than than a fence-sitting super-fawning politician or some wanker journalist on the tabloids.

    But is this not really a skinhead website, or what?

  7. Don't be a retard.

  8. I'm the only skinhead in this village!

  9. In a big thumbs-up for political correctness, everyone's favorite communist mayor of London, Red Ken, has been suspended from his job for a month due to the remarks documented in this blog. In essence the stupid twat refused to apologise and of course the large-nosed Jewish Board of Deputies, whoever that is, raised an official complaint and this is the head it has come to.
    There can be no winner here. Ken should have realised he was onto a loser and just apologised early and it would have all been over, about the time the entire GLA was calling on him to apologise might have been a good idea. Looks like it's not only cost him dear politically but he's eighty grand out of pocket too! Equally the original offence that prompted all of this is an absurd example of political correctness gone mad. How a comment made outside a party can lead to a politician being suspended is quite beyond me - as Beej said originally, he was being insensitive and harsh at worst. Still, what other pollys do you reckon we can get censured for random comments while leaving a party? Maybe some good will come of this :-)

  10. What pisses me off is that our entire democratic process is simply overruled when some un-elected governmental shitemeister decides to do so; under the auspices of the Standards For England body. Yes. Who? Precisely.
    There are only three ways Ken should be removed from office - we, the electorate decide to boot him out, or he decides to quit, or he dies in situ and the cleaners are forced to dump him out the window.
    The political correctness peons must quite literally be clasping their hands in non faith-specific race-agnostic deity-equal emotional rapture and giggling nasally in high pitched voices whilst eating Tofu.
    Me, personally, I reckon they should all by rounded up and shot. On TV.

  11. Looks like Ollie is out the door down in clapham :D

  12. You did leave out another scenario, one where the politician commits a crime. That's the thing, that adequately covers this scenario doesn't it? What is this bringing office into disrepute bollocks? Jesus Christ does that mean every time some politician brings the government into disrepute we can shove them in front of the standards board? A truly bizarrre set of events this.

  13. But in the case of a politician having committed a crime, the PC brigade would have to await such things as 'due process of law', since nothing could be done until a conviction was obtained. Instead, we have ways and means of circumventing political and judicial process whenever a particular interest group feels put upon. I wonder if there's a standards body we can complain to regarding the offense we feel at some random journo peon taking a comment aimed at his profession and instead ascribing it to some misplaced sense of racism? Nah, that'd be too sensible...