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Tuesday 15 February 2005

Enermax Acshun [Am]

Now it's widely but, for reasons that will become apparent, only quietly acknowledged in t'Death that I am fabulously technically elite.
So yes I am rather special in this area BUT as a non full time IT / tech bod, I rather magnanimously don't big-up my prowess so as to let the other boys shore up their fragile egos. With that good nature I'm widely recognised for, I've been known to ask the odd deliberately daft hardware, nay software question, just to spread the feel-good factor and allow one of our number to respond in the time honoured fashion...."WTF are you some utter tardbrained twathook or WHAT???!!?".
It took a while to bring them out of their shells, but after the first couple of years of trying to ignore me repeatedly in irc over many repeated reposted lines, they finally appreciated that it was better that I brunged this light into their lives. Bless 'em. It's just a little something I can do.
"You're a good bloke Am to put yourself out like that aren't you?" I can hear you asking. Well, let's not be immodest about this but, yes of course you're entirely right..... I guess that's me all over just trying to give people opportunities to look good in their field. Sometimes I even amaze myself.
To this end, having pre-bought my first modern era PC - Tequila - off Gateway (P3-450 - hold onto yer fuckin 'at), I allowed erstwhile [EED]'er Mugwum to build my next PC - Guinness - a rampant beast of a Athon 1.2 with rip-yer-face off gfx upgrade by way of an original Geforce 3. Of course its RAID configured drives both wiped out taking all of my data and particularly photos with them leading to conversations that went a lot along the lines of "RAID?!?!? WHAT? RAID??!?!?? YOU HAD.....RAID *WHAT*.... WTF????!". But it was a bitching little hardcake machine, (much like the eponymous system builder I understand these days much as he has reduced allegedly) and I lubbed it.
Guinness 2 (p4 2.8 etc etc) came courtesy of Teh Lurker. He came round my Gaff in Sarf East Lahnden under heavy bribery having complained about the possibility of immolation from the burning cars south of the river. His stripping out of wires and kit of the original Guinness case and utter rebuild from the mobo up appeared to be a one man rendition of the goddess Kali (lots of arms) meets the Ferrari formula one pit crew.
Course I could have done it, but I thought I'd make him feel good. All heart see?
So sunday I came into my lair to find suspicious quietness. I poked at Guinness's on-off front panel button and got nothing. I poked some more. Oh dear. I yanked the kettle lead and plugged it into the nearest power-testing device I had which happened (troof) to be a Marshall JCM900 Hi-Gain Dual Reverb 2x12 guitar amplifier. WHOOMP went the dual Celestion speakers. Fuck went I.
Monday - Overclockers I order an Enermax Noisetaker 480w PSU to replace what I'm praying to gawd is a simple PSU failure. Order placed 7.45am (work starts early). I receive an email at 10.30 - order despatched.
Tonight I get home and here's the package. So far so froody. Now I don't want to bust my long-term alibi so I decide to install it in a reasonably inept way just to continue to make the guys feel good.
Rip shit out. Plug stuff in. Turn on. Asus P4C800 startup says "Hardware change no friggin biggy" and off we go. I get into windoze and start typing some stuff about how UNBELIEVABLY silent the PC sounds with the new PSU. About 3 minutes in suddenly there's complete shut down. A faint wiff of heated components.
Now as savvy people you'll have seen what I deliberately did here huh? Bit of a giggle uh? Kind to others aren't I? Well yes, of course, ok, just for a laugh and as a team-building exercise I didn't plug in the CPU fan by intention so as to test ASUS temeperature controller. Told you I only think of others. As I had accurately hypothesised, instead of frying itself into Prince Charles Grey Goo, my p4 had been protected by the auto-cut out on the ASUS board.
So having chuckled a little and readjusted stuff I plugged it all in as it was supposed to be.
What's the side-moral of the story? Well due to my deliberate scenario testing, I got to hear a modern PC without CPU fan with the new PSU on only. Well on that basis the modern Enermax Noisetaker is almost completely utterly silent even in 480w version and comes with all the standard, SATA and PCI-E connect0rs you could possibly want. I would recommend it. It's very very quiet and impressive. But then, of course, I knew that before I set up this chain of events.
So there you have it - Enermax Noisetaker works well. Especially as fitted by expert technicians. I'm glad to have been able to share this with you. So as the night draws to a close, from my electro-techno-digital-skill-hub I wish you goodnight and well dear readers, and remember; positive to positive and negative to the bar.... pip pip!


  1. Kudos to Asus I say, lest we be reading a very different tale

  2. Good of the Asus to shut the machine down but Pentium 4s do have thermal throttling built-in. I'm just quite amazed G-man managed to switch a PSU without wiring the mains lead into the CD drive. Good going!