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Wednesday 2 February 2005

Magical Majestic [Lurks]

Well, I had my moany blog following on from the horrendous experience of buying el-cheapo wines from Tescos. After that nightmare, I decided to fix this stuff up once and for all and hit Majestic Wines and get a case of decent wine. Or two, as it turns out.
They do nice mixed cases for a start. I went for the Majestic Treats case, which is a bit more per bottle than we normally pay but I thought I'd to push the boat out see what they recommend. Have my faith in wine restored after last night, you might say. I rounded out the order with a case of Australian Favorites.
Now, first of all, Majestic's web site is brilliant. It's every bit as competent as some IT e-commerce outfit. It's dead fast and easy to register, the online stuff is simple as anything and if you're within delivery range of one of their stores then they'll deliver the stuff free of charge. That's the sort of thing that's so often missing from retailers eh?
The best bit is when you place an order they normally phone you up and ask when they can deliver. We've done this before, but not online. They ask how you'd like to be contacted by email or by phone to sort this out. This time I did it online and typed in "any evening is good for us, thank you" into the delivery instructions and left it at that. I was expecting an email or a telephone call tomorrow to sort it out.
Instead, at 7.30pm on the dot, one and a half hours after I placed my order - a nice chap turns up with all the wine and even carries it up the stairs for us. Missus tells him this is all due to us drinking bad wine the night before. Drink more bad wine, says he, much laughter.
What a fantastic company!
Another thing. Because of the cases I ordered, I ended up with four bottles of Rosemount Show Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2000 from the Coonawarra region of South Australia. In the space of two days, I've gone from tipping away my first bottle of wine through to usurping my long time most favorite wine (Wolf Blass Yellow Label) with this Rosemount Show fella.
This is a story that ended well.


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