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Monday 21 February 2005

Ph34r and Loafing [Am]

Pray a moment's silence for one of the great gods of modern culture and gonzo hedonism, Dr Hunter S Thompson who checked out today courtesy of a self-inflicted gunshot wound aged 67. Author of.....oh for heaven's sake you should know better....
In an age of self-righteous moralism, clean living, the approbation of anything vaguely rock and roll, rude or interesting, today's a day for taking a big hit of whatever you're taking or at least for a monday a damn big glass of 100% proof. In one life with no fuckin pansy-arsed rehearsals it's good to remember people like Thompson who called bullshit on polite morals and indeed wolf-like politicians alike....
"He left a wife Anita, son Juan and grandson William, a medium-sized armoury of guns and explosives and the small quantity of drugs he did not manage to take with him."

1 comment:

  1. I first read "Fear and loathing in Las Vegas" at about the age of 15, when it immediately became a major influence on my life. One of the first things I did was to get hold of some ether to see if it had the same effect as Hunter described (it did) and one of the last (last year) was to pay a homage visit to the Polo lounge at the Beverley Hills Hotel while at E3. Alias I have, to date, never managed to get hold of any human adrenaline.....
    If you havent read this book you are in for a treat.