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Sunday 6 February 2005

EED Summer Drinking - Call To Action(TM) [Brit]

Right my lovelies, as I am sure you're all aware, The Great British Summer is fast approaching.
For those of our readers who haven't experienced this before, it means that over the next six months, we may experience an ambient environmental temperature increase, but we will definitely be seeing lots of rain.
What we need is to explore our great city's wartering [sic] holes with a great deal of aplomb; The CS_Dickens, Richmond.* and the occasional foray into 'Sports' bars are all very well and good, but this festering boil of an urban sprawl has so much more to offer.
To be blunt - we need new venues. The criteria are:
- No stupid prices for beer, lager, champagne, sambuca or those funny fruit/milk based things Pod likes.- Plenty of seating of a comfortable variety (if you've been to Wagammamas and think that's cosy, you're probably going to fail this one)- Outside drinking areas are a bonus- Not, I repeat NOT 4,000 miles away from everyone's place of work
So, start your (search) engines! Lets get some crafty places sourced and may your liver be with you (though not necessarily inside you judging by past experience).
I'm quite keen on going to this rather lovely gastropub near Angel, where for £8 you'll get a truly awesome taste sensation in the form of roasted Springbok.


  1. Indeed, and as an addendum, if you read this site, and you are in or around London AND fancy joining EED for a pint or thirty, then feel free to fill out our application form whereupon you could indeed find yourself round a table with some of the very authors spouting here!

  2. I think we should not stick our noses up at the horrible chain places as a starting point. Its not a bad to meet at a Walkabout/O'Neills/Wed'er'spoons and have a few pints of their cheapo at 1.50 a beer or something before moving onto somewhere where you can all get fucked up on drugs or something :)
    Yes they can be nasty, but they are all over the place - and are a good base to start off. That night a few weeks back Lurks Spiro and Myself went to the Shaftsbury Av Walkabout the round of 3 drinks was 6 quid or something insane (until I shifted to girly drinks when it went to 7.50 or something and then at 10 when they put the prices up).
    Sure beats pints of stella at 6 quid each at the dickens if you ask me.

  3. The slight downside is that no fucker showed up :-)