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Tuesday 15 February 2005

EED Plays World of Warcraft [Slim]

So we're treehugging again, yay! We're currently Playing our Alliance chars on Runetotem (WoW Europe), here's our character names, if you bump into us, say hi!
  • Slim - [EED]Slim - Night Elf Priest
  • Calodon - [EED]Lurks - Night Elf Hunter
  • Glasgee - [EED]Shedir - Night Elf Dr00id
  • Judge - [EED]Am - Human Warlock
  • Roisindubh - [EED]Vaggabond - Warrior
  • Jania - [EED]pod - Night Elf Hunter
  • Houmous - Houmous - night elf drooid
  • Coins - [EED]Spiro - Paladin
  • Daevus - [EED]Dr.Dave - Dwarf Hunter
  • Wyren - [EED]Meaty - Night Elf Druid
  • Woodbine - [EED]Mistral - dunno
  • Skeeve - [EED]Skeeve - dunno

It's a fucking good game too. You owe it to yourself to play it, finally an mmo game made by people who actually make games properly!
It keeps on throwing things at you that makes you go 'cor'. Two such moments last night:
In Darkshore, just following the quests for my level, there's a 'buzzbox' one that, like the other quests, encorages you to explore a little further afield as you progress through the stages. One stage had me killing Threshers. Well I've no fekking idea what a thresher is, the quest said they were located just off the shoreline. I assumed that was in-land. Searched for a while, found nowt. Walked past a shipwreck, and thought I'd go for a swim to have a peak at it. Turns out the threshers are sea creatures, loch ness monster stylee, and they're swimming around a bunch of wrecks and other bits and pieces on the ocean floor. They've even populated the landscape out to see, wow!
Second wow is the way they have lots of classes doing the same quests. So its very easy to sort out a good pairing ad-hoc for the quest your currently on. I hooked up with a drooid last night to do a series of quests, and it went ace. Just think it's a really clever mechanic, and got a little wow out of me :)


  1. Have fun fellas, just remember which end of the gun to pick up when Battlefield 2 comes out ;)
    If anyone wants a game of BF-Vietnam then I'm hanging out on the Jolt servers at the moment.

  2. "I wish I was as leet as you, but I'm a bender," said Slim to Kavey

  3. I have succumbed.
    Hachimaki - [EED]Shinji - Human Paladin

  4. It's a bit addictive, isn't it? Ended up playing until 3am last night (and still didn't make lvl10...)