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Sunday 7 August 2005

AmLanII - the final countdown [Am]

It's teh fiiiiiiiiinaaaaaaaaaalll couuuuuuuuntdoooooownnnn!!! Da-da-da-DAR-darrrr-da-da-da-darr-darrrr-da-da-da-dar-DAR-da-da-da-da-da-dar-dar-darrr-da-da-da-darrrrrr-da-da-darrrrr-DARRRRR-DARRRRR.
Ok so two weeks to go. If you aint' got a pc, lappy or know where you're getting it from, you're probably fucked but squawk now just in case.
If you don't know how you're getting there (bar the directions to be recirculated to the ml soon) then you're probably fucked but squawk now just in case.
One quick request - last year as you know we had some trip outs of the fuse box basically due to badly grounded equipment. So requests this time is LURKS - and others - please bring any grounding testing stuff. And EVERYONE - if you have a long garden type extension reel type thing, please bring it so that we can run as many power supplies from different rings as possible to reduce the spikey bothersome thing.
All your souls are mine. BWUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!


  1. Am your generosity knows few bounds. But £30bn for your own airport!Apparently this lot, TEACO, want to build an offshore airport at Whitstable, witha 20 min rail link to londinium.Surely a bit much for amlan 2015 eh?

  2. Now I looked at that with a bit of consternation since we all know capitalists are lying bastards and that the no-noise stuff would be unlikely to be true. I also considered seriously that this could possibly be a world-class clan-wide windup to get me going in the run up to AmLan II. Fortunately the Department for Transport thinks the idea is trousers;

  3. Offshore? The planes will sink Shed, surely. Or will they be using the Spruce Goose?

  4. Less than a week to go. Feel the full thrust of the ph34r parting your buttcheeks like a hurricane through a bun field.....