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Tuesday 30 August 2005

Laughed at first read [Am]

Was walking around the 'Wharf today and saw a black van which was as dirty as fuck and had a usual finger-etched piece of random grafitti. Now usually this is something incredibly imaginative like "Clean Me" but this was something I haven't seen before which made me laugh out loud; picture it - totally dusted and grimed van with in two foot high letters;
"My bird is this filthy"
Well got a snort out of me. Set me thinking of a couple of others which are some of my favourite film titles ever;
Shaving Ryans PrivatesAnal Kommando {.. I think it's all to do with the K. So heroically, germanically...Arnold...}
and these two from top C-grade movie house Troma;
Surf Nazis Must Die
and the all time classic;
Die Screaming With Sharp Things In Your Head


  1. Clearly there's supposed to be a line between Shaving Ryans Privates and Anal Kommando but until we get Beej to observe the quantuum assmaster principle of FIXING THE FUCKING EDIT FUNCTIONALITY I can't do that.
    That is all.

  2. I grieve for your inability to read e-mails... how the mighty have fallen to the level of Vagga, Braddy and Jay!
    All indications from the EED Labs are that the Quantum Assmaster Principle shows only minimal variation under current conditions, and the likely cause of error is your own human fucktardery.
    Sort it, baldy!

  3. Beejamin, much as I understand that working the door of the 414 club in Brixton these last few months with regulars hosing down your humvee with alcopops on the way to work, I can't help but feel that you've lost perspective oin the true nature of the crosshatch.
    I am the shandylord
    I hack azz
    Shit must worketh in an easy fashion like the ringpull on the can of Tennent's Super I have in my hand whilst I type this
    Individual url log-on shit is very nearly command line to one's feminine sensibilities