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Wednesday 17 August 2005

The Living Hell That Is Other People's Code [Spiny]

Right now, just at this moment: I'm really, really glad I have a holiday coming up. I just had to add a method to someone else's class that was written to manage settings in an XML config file. This stuff is already built into the .NET framework of course. As you know dear reader being a highly intelligent superbeing. The method I was forced to add essentially duplicates ConfigurationSettings.GetConfig(). With slightly different behaviour of course.



  1. Haha. From what I can deduce, they wrote their own Config file handler because they thought that for com+ apps you're forced to use dllhost.exe.config.The solution was to merge their custom config into a standard .NET App.Config file and point the framework at this with AppDomain.CurrentDomain.SetData("APP_CONFIG_FILE", settingsFilePath);I could then add a one liner into their class that wraps what I needed from the framework config class. Fortunately their own section reading stuff was pretty well behaved & didn't get confused by the extra nodes in the standard format file.

  2. Have a good hol fella You need it if you start posting things like this ;-)

  3. Landodging swanktalking bl0dg0000000000000r!!!!!