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Thursday 25 August 2005

Shoot Bikers in the face [Slim]

So, Clarkson said motorcyle riders should be shot in the face. He's an opinionated shite, people should be used to that by now. Thing is, the leather clad gay deniers have well and truly spat the dummy out and have organised a petition for his dismissal from the bbc. I'm here to say don't sign that sign this instead. Free speech, yay.


  1. As a biker, I mostly agree that this whole petition thing is OTT and being hyped up uncessarily, though it's not so easy to say people should calm down and remember it's just tv. The reason for this is; stupid people are easily influenced.
    Only last year there were news stories about crazy country-folk swinging pieces of metal at passing bikers. This may sound trivial, but it's attempted murder as if the bikers had been hit, they would most certainly have been knocked off their bike and the rest you can imagine.
    In Brazil recently, morons had taken to trying to mug couriers by putting thin metal wire across the road, at head height, decapitating, or seriously injuring a number of bikers. And yes, it was on TV not too long before it started happening.
    Clarkson may be playing up to the camera to boost his ratings and rattle peoples cages, but he has a notable responsibility to ensure he does not insight bad things. It's like the same reason we have certification on films, because people are easily influenced!

  2. The thing is, the really stupid people aint influenced by his statement, since they are busy riding their bikes.

  3. We had better ban the television show 24 as well because if stupid people saw Jack Bauer, they'd be no stopping them!