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Tuesday 6 September 2005

BT suck [Pod]

We all know this anyway but I had an email from them this morning that made me chuckle.
I'd originally sent them this email
I'm having trouble with your website while paying a bill. Firstly I was unable tochange the issue number and expiry date on my registered card. Instead I had tocreate a whole new card. Not a big issue but pointless anyway. Secondly, and muchmore of an issue is that your webform is refusing my postcode no matter how I formatit (xxxx xxx).
The response I got was huge. Here is an edited version
Dear Mr Denning
I can confirm that there are some instances when you will not be able to pay yourbill online with your Debit Card:
If you have a Monthly Payment plan option and you are in credit with us, you willnot be able to make any payments.If your account balance is zero, you will not be able to make payments which willput your account into credit. If you have already made two bill payments using your Debit Card in the last 24 hours. You may be using a card that is not accepted (we accept Switch, Visa Delta or Solodebit cards)
Alternatively, you may be experiencing problems due to the fact that your carddetails that are stored within your profile are out of date.
If none of these situations apply to you, please can you advise the followinginformation and I can contact our Faults Incident Desk on your behalf toinvestigate this further.
I trust that this email will have helped to provide you with the clarificationneeded and I hope that it has also demonstrated to you that you concerns have beenlooked into thoroughly and professionally.
Its this last paragrah that really made me laugh. I'm really impressed with their thorough and professional auto-response :/
Where do they get these monkeys. You can be sure that the follow up email I sent was rather frank.


  1. Actually, I think thats an entirely reasonable response.
    They must have gazillions of folk using their website to pay their bills through and all sorts of gubbins has to go on in the background to make the magic happen; the email explains the most common reasons for payment failure, and invites you to contact them for escalation if none are applicable.
    Personally, I don't see what the problem is.

  2. Just because its easy for them doesn't make it right. I pay them for a service and I expect to be treated like an intelligent person. Not some fool who can't use a website. It smacks of keyword scanning and automated response so how can they claim they've thoroughly looked into it!!
    Until we drum it into them that this kind of response isn't acceptable we'll forever be damned :)