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Wednesday 21 September 2005

Remote MP3 Stream / Player [Am]

Right quick check in with the resident gurus; my father in law has got an out building in the garden which serves as a changing room for his pool. What he'd like to do is to be able to serve music from the house to a small setup in the out building so that he can stream mp3 from the house. There were a few solutions offered up in earlier blogs but I wonder where anyone thinks the current best state of play is?


  1. You are the new Brit.
    (lurk fm transmitter surely is the ideal solution)

  2. Yeah, I'd say fm transmitter is by far the cheapest option if you're prepared to be illegal. Failing that you need a squeezebox. Anything else is a bit manky really.

  3. Slim is right, the squeezebox range are nice. The main competitor to those, on the dedicated mp3 front, are:Roku SoundBridge (now coming bundled with a wireless adaptor. the utterly lovely, and if he can afford a pool he can afford to buy this:The Sonos Digital Music system basic bundle gives you a colour remote control pad and two Zone Players (basically decent-grade wifi amps with proper speaker terminals... all for £950