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Friday 2 September 2005

RSI is the boss [Am]

Lads - one of my senior bosses has managed to get RSI in one hand due to keyboard and blackberry usage. Now I know there's been a few convo's about this over the year and of course he's had occupational health down to look at his posture and typing habits etc but what are our tips for keyboards, mice and other ways of getting round this? So far I've told him about microsoft natural keyboards, the trackball kind of mouse and keeping his arms of the deck etc. But what's best in your mind?
Speaks your brains!


  1. I had a blog on this before.
    In the end I've been advised by the work doctor to use a trackball for 2 hours and my mx510 for 2 hours, in rotation.
    Variety is the key in mouse use apparently.
    The other stuff is as standard, wrist/forearm properly supported on the desk. Posture correct and micro breaks.
    From the blog I've linked about i've found the A4 tech keyboards great for my wrists and the twitch! program nicely configurable.
    I've been off now for 3 weeks with this fucking chest infection and my arm is fine. Need to see how it is when I go back to work with the desk I hate though.

  2. I'm another victim, best advice is to get the best advice. Go see a physio, even better get the physio to come to your desk and see what you're fucking up. Other than that:
    Take a rest at least every hour. Stop, learn how to stretch and do it. Not just your hands, do your shoulders, neck, arms, back. This is a big fucking deal, this will make a huge difference.
    Get wrist rests for keyboard and mouse, put your keyboard legs down, so you're not raising your fingers from your hands to type, the fingers should be below the knuckes.
    Check your posture, check your chairs the right height, that your keyboard isn't too far into the desk so you stretch to get it. Check your mouse isn't too far away from teh keyboard so you have to stretch to reach it.
    Make sure you're square. This is what fucked me up, vdu at an angle so i fucked one side up. You need to be facing your gear square on.
    Learn keyboard shortcuts. Its the mouse that fucks you more often than not, so learn to go alt+f for 'file' rather than using the mousie, ctrl+b for bold, etc.
    Fuck off the blackberry.
    Get an ergo keyboard, if you can touch type.
    Get a good chair, adjustibility is the thing, get your phsyio to sort one if necessary.