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Monday 12 September 2005

Spec 'im [Am]

Ok my ex boss wants to pc up his gaff for him, the lady wife and their boys (8 and 5ish). I got the following off him;
"£2000 tops for everything (whatever that is....pc, screen, printer, software). How about Sony Vaio VGC-V3S (incl Word XP Home)? Home office (Word, email, PPoint with potential for other software that i havn't thought about yet) use for burning the midnight oil for Cheyne and some gaming capabilities. Mrs J to use mail order. Like the idea of lack of wires and double up as a decent TV, DVD, writer, music download photos etc...."
What's the thinking here oh clan of tech gurus?


  1. That anyone higher up than you on the corporate food chain can afford to pay for technical advice?

  2. Harsh but... essentially fair. This type of designer non-upgradable twonk-o-tron stuff like this touchy feely Vaio stuff... to be honest it's hardly our cup of tea. Fecking television on a PC? The thing has a 5700 in it for fuck sake and it still costs Big Money.
    Seems a bit like someone asking a monster truck club for advice on what options to spec for an Audi TT coupe.

  3. Oh I should have said he doesn't know the area hence the Sony suggestion which I have resoundingly dismissed with him. But he's clear about requirements and budget so our job here (don't let me down f&*$ers) is to offer up a decent pc to do the trick

  4. Dell him up, seriously, what can be easier?