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Tuesday 1 May 2007

New things wot are good [Am]

There's few things more satisfying in life than coming across something dead useful, cool or neat which you never have before or finding out how to do something much better than you ever did before. So I thought I'd start a periodic blog of line entries for such events. Feel free to add in anything you've found this year and gone 'swipe me why didn't I do / have that before'.
1. Freshly made mint sauce! -
2. Photo card readers instead of plugging in the camera!
3. Lever-pull bottle openers! Death to the waiter's friend.... (but find a cheaper rip-off one)
4. Big-azz wine glasses to free up the boooooooooooquet (ok found this a few years ago but it still rocks)
5. Electric tooth brushes!
6. Powerline adaptors!
7. Robert Harris' Pompeii - a rip snortingly good yarn written by an extremely good author, soon to be made into a major film and going to be a big hit..
8. Sunglasses are good, not a faff!
9. Whiteboards - for enabling easy planning..... "just like we do every night - to take over the world!"
10. Holidays in the sun rather than spending time at home. Oh and the 'Pistols track again while we're at it.


  1. 1. Bags. Women have had this cornered for years, but I've only recently started habitually carring a bag (a rucksack in my case). I've got me DS in there, a book, ipod, blackberry, a can of deoderant and me shades. Why didn't I do this before?
    2. Holidays at home rather than spending time in the sun. You save at least two days of your precious time off in recovered travel time, you save a fortune in cost, you have a luberly time rediscovering cheap pleasures like having a picknic with your family or simply sitting in the garden with a booook. Oh and you dont kill us all with your aircraft carbon footprint.
    3. Bleating. Never underestimate the power of the bleat.

  2. "4. Big-azz wine glasses to free up the boooooooooooquet"?!?!? Dear god.. and to think I nearly took BBQ advice from you! :)
    1. Electric Carving knife - Goes through everything and stays pretty god damn sharp!
    2. Our new bath that is fecking huge.. and for me to say that you KNOW its going to be big! With taps in the middle.. Why would you ever have taps at the end?!

  3. 1. Lurkers Homebrew, the hangover killer2. Power Kiting Handheld Anometers4. Flip Flops and shorts at work5. CD/DVD organisers SLR cameras7. Driving something larger than a 1.1 (never going back)I'm sure there are loads more

  4. Arr you into Power Kiting Spiro?!I use a 4.9 Flexifoil Blade on land with a buggy and mountian board and just starting Kite Surfing with a 16m Storm.
    Serious fun but can hurt in the wrong winds! ;)

  5. 1. Mp3 player mobiles, i loves me walkman, yes i do.
    2. Frozen garlic baguettes. Oh quit with the snobbery, its fucking practical :)
    3. Drinking cheap shit like Chivas or Jack after the first glasses of the Good Stuff, like Lagavulin. Its so economically sensible i can feel my boobs growing.

  6. Floyd I started at the very end of last summer and haven't had much practice but love it. I have a 4.5 bullet in the car at all times. I have a 13meter in cornwall waiting for me, haven't see it yet though. And a mate has a 16m storm he says I can use when i'm down.
    The reason I added the anometer to my list is because I took my bullet out in 30mph winds (it's max limit is 26 iirc) because i didn't realise. Almost killed myself and it took ages to get the kite out of a tree ;-)

  7. Listen up chumps, dis shit is the shizzle, word:
    1) Exercise - okay, the tracksuit wearing maniacs were right all this time. Much as I begrudge admitting it, there's something curiously satisfying about working yourself into a right old sweat, making your heart pound till it nearly jumps out of your arse and getting out and doing something vaguely cardiovascualar.
    2) Pokemon Diamond/Pearl - you hate yourself, but you play it anyway. Within each of us, us scruffy geeks and society fringe elements, there lurks a frantic collector. Tell me you can look at a list populated with question marks representing unfound items and still sit comfortably knowing there's still stuff to find. Get it. Find 'em. Relax.
    3) You On My Mind by Swing Out Sister - by far and away the best song of the late 80s. You can quibble and challenge, but you're onto a loser. The facts of its greatness speak for themselves - upbeat, great vocals, white mowtown stylings with a hint of Jazz sensibilities. Get on iTunes and have yourself a copy for your tune playing machine.
    4) Danny Baker's afternoon show on BBC Radio London - okay, so I'm up in the Arctic circle now, where radio waves compete with the Aurora Borealis for EM dominance, but I made sure I moved heaven and arse to secure my fix of Baker at 3pm every day. Best couple of hours you'll send with your ears short of dousing them in honey and rubbing them on Angelina Jolie's back. Listen to it on the interwebs.

  8. Yes... anona...wind meters! :)My 4.9 is a Mk1 and dragged me a good distance in 25mph winds. Loads of fun though.
    Wanna try a depower kite next..
    3. Subway sandwiches!! Meatball marinara!!!

  9. SKY+
    How did I live without it. Series record, no faffing with tapes. Transformed TV viewing - when I eat dinner 8-9pm I watch something I want to watch rather than whatever dross is on TV (usually soaps)
    Now if only they could distribute reliable hardware and stop sending out software updates that breaks the kit....

  10. 5) Naked female oil wrestling - women, wrestling, naked, in oil. There's a whole world of it on YouTube. It's the best porn thing ever.

  11. HTPCs! (when fitted with memory that isn't broken).
    Music & TV jukebox, Series record, pause & rewind telly, apps to automatically strip out adverts and of course all those lovely HD 'trailers' *cough*.