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Thursday 31 May 2007

Sexbox 360 [Slim]

Woo, my frankly shit hot wife bought me an Xbox 360 for my birthday this week. I'm a bit late to the next gen, although I've got a pretty nice PC to play the latest and wizzy stuff on. The 360 seems like a sweet deal at the moment, it's priced considerably lower than the ps3, it's got more waft than the wii and has a more complete library than both.
Anyways, hows the 360 to a latecomer? It's ok! Live is, as everyone knows, very impressive and almost seamless. It's var too easy to blow lots of money on daft little games, but the demo's are so well put together that you only blow your wad on daft little games that you've tried and like. The networking is a piece of piss, only had a slight issue sorting NAT out on my router, but a quick google fixed that sharpish.
My hot sexy twin sister in laws (hoping for some google love of that!) bought me Gears and Crackdown, both are great fun, and dead easy to get online with too. MSN messenger computability means I've got a nice full mates list as the service recognizes who out of my contacts is on Live already and hooks me up with em. Anyway, it was easy enough that I got a four player game of gears with some mates going on my first night with me new box, and had a right blast in the process. Gears looks fucking amazing on my big telly, and the 3rd person cover&fire-em-up is a really nice break after playing PC fps's online for the last ten years.
First game I bought off Live Arcade is Catan. A chilled out turn based board game that's a total change of pace from what I was expecting off Live. Never played the real version but it looks quite fiddly with counters and hex cards, this plays a treat with the game taking care of the housekeeping. The sofa's easily a better spot to play board games than my PC desk, so I'm hoping for more games like this on Live. I hear carcassone (fuck knows if I've spelt that right?) is coming soon.
There's some bonkers restrictions with it though, voice comms is seamless and effective, but limited to your team mates only and you can also only voice com out of the game with one person at a time, fucking bonkers. I like to hear the bleat when I'm killing someone! You can talk to everyone in the lobby, but it's just not the same.
Other downers: the lack of a browsers a bit silly, even me wii has one of those. The tiny 20gb hard disk is filling up alarmingly fast with demos. Oh and the box sounds like a fucking Server, what's that all about? Seems to be connected to the DVD drive, as the dashboard and Live Arcade shit plays almost silently but when you bung the gears disk in it sounds like a twatting hovercraft.
Anyway, I'm chuffed with it, I'll just have to turn the volume up!


  1. Really glad you're enjoying your 360 Slim. Happy that you've got into GoW too! Will have to have a a proper sesh sometime, maybe later on go through the campaign together - providing I can get it working :)

  2. Was it your 40th birthday?