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Thursday 10 May 2007

Recomendation: Getdataback [Slim]

Quick smart recommendation for GetDataBack NTFS. When your faced with your boss handing you his laptop with a BSOD unbootable drive c snarling "I don't care about the other shit, just get me my itunes back.", you'll be glad you had Getdataback on your bootdisk. This beauty will rebuild your file table if it's corrupt, finding your files on a buggered disk and allow you to copy em off saving your arse and allowing you to fix the drive with a lower heart bpm. It also doesn't do that on the buggered filesystem, it reconstructs a new one in memory, so wont bollock your already knackared disk any further.
I've had call to use it a few times on disks others have written off as dead and it's not let me down. Have it handy, you'll need it one day.


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