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Tuesday 2 December 2003

Desert Combat 0.5 [beej]

Well, we've discovered DC (again!) only this time Lurker likes it ;) Some good multiplay tonight; here are some screenies for posperity:

Unless you de-balance the AI it can be a bit of a scrum

Lurks and Hans fly overhead in their AH-64

Hans lands his Mi-8 HIP on the roof so that he can pilot the rest of us into the DMZ

Mow them down like ants! muuuuhahahaha!


  1. I must say, fun as chopper shit is - the best map so far as Tobruk. Well, against the AI hordes anyway. Gives you that real feeling of battle, calling out the legions of armour coming up, infantry threats, paratroop drops. Absolute ownerage. It's quite scary being in the forward line building and being surrounded by tanks, being out of anti armour ammo and the ammo box is outside. With the tanks. Roxor. :)

  2. It's bloody ace that map, it can go either way. One of last night's games was down to the last few tickets! You like the centre forward bunker... but I prefer patrolling behind the front line bunkers in an Abrams, taking out the armour as you call it in and it pops over the horizon :))

  3. Rocks! Heh, with that DC Extended it'd sure be fun to get a mine laying truck thing up the front. Actually... what say we all spawn as engineers and mine the living shit out of the forward areas before they get there? That'd be insane.