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Saturday 20 December 2003

Raven Shield multiplayer [lurks]

Since a few of us have got our shiny legit copies of Raven Shield today, I slapped up a server on Wench and we jumped in for a bash. So far we've been playing through the multiplayer maps with a good deal (20) terrorists on the terrorist hunt mode. It's rock hard, I'll tell you that. It's also quite simply the best multiplayer game ever! Every engagement with the enemy is risky and on the more complex maps we've had to retry the map 20 times until we managed to complete it.
All the stuff that makes Raven Shield a good game come right into their own in multiplayer. Cracking doors open for a peak, breaching charges, flashbangs and even small pleasures like sliding down a ladder rapidly. It's all ace fun, we can't wait to get straight back into the action after another mission failed. All we need now is to get Roger Wilco set up so we've got some voice communications. I must also somehow manage to impart to Muz the concept of 'backup' as well :)
Come on you fuckers, get your Raven Shield and join up! Server details and password in #EED.