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Thursday 4 December 2003

Doctor Who [beej]

So the Beeb are remaking Dr.Who and fortunately there's no way on earth the McGann brothers will be let near the role after the last effort.
Who would you choose as The Timelord for 2005? My suggestions are...
  • Eddie Izzard!
  • Bill Bailey
  • Jonathan Creek bloke
  • Jonny Vegas
  • Jean-Luc Picard
  • Llewelyn Bowen from Changing Rooms

If anyone says 'The guy from Spooks' then don't be surprised if I kick you in the nads.


  1. David Suchet, he has the weird thing going for him already.

  2. Eddie Izzard, the first Dr Who in a dress? Bill Bailey, difficult to see how they'd scare everyone when he's looking around going 'It's very scary in here isn't it'. :)
    As for Jonny Vegas, they'd have to open both doors of the Tardis. The poof from changing rooms though, he could rock! You know what that means don't you? It means that [EED]Floyd should audition!

  3. Halle Berry or Asia Carrera for me, make it so.

  4. Sod known actors, plus the only one capable of pulling off the role in that list is Patrick Stewart. My preference is for an unknown, otherwise you get the Peter Davidson, shouldn't you have your hand up a cow's bum effect. (James Herriot).
    No. the only way is with an unknown. Underneath the clownish/fopish/jovial exterior there has to be a really dark undercurrent. Tom Baker had it in spades, Jon Pertwee to a lesser extent. Patrick Troughton was also pretty good in this department. Remember, the Doctor is supposed to be a renegade, not just a complete twat, a-la Izzard et al. He's always had dark deeds & skeletons in the cupboard, he's a rebel, a maverick. Not often seen, but he's prepared to kill & even commit geonocide if necessary. 'c/f genesis of the daleks'.

  5. That McGann bloke has actually got the hang of the role after doing it for a while in those audio adventure things from Big Finish and he shouldn't be written off just because of that dodgy american-made film.
    What do you reckon to Richard E Grant, he seems to have been getting a lot of attention because of that cartoon version on bbci.