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Tuesday 3 January 2006

Easing into 2006 [Brit]

So here we are. 2006.
As most of the UK office based workforce returned to their cubicles, I thought I'd share some of things I've discovered already.
First off and contrary to the opinion I held for most of the latter half of 2005, the PSP absolutely rocks. I bought out completely impulsively as I stood in Victoria station on Christmas Eve wondering if Useless Rail would ever get me back to the folks before the Age of Aquarius.
I picked up a GigaPack (including Pursuit Force which sucks badly) from Game and about ten minutes later was up and running. It really is a joy this shiny slice of plastic, and being somewhat frustrated that nobody has bothered to port World Of Warcraft to my new toy, snapped up Archer Maclean's Mercury which has kept me amused for aeons now and a couple of others, neither of which get much of a look in.
Of course being a fickle techie fellow, I'm not particularly fussed with single use devices when I can have multi use, so the fact that the PSP also plays music and has a highly workable web browser (the wireless capability of the thing is dreamboat scrumptious) tickled me in all the right places.
Next up, and in my quest to find the perfect book to read whilst on the tube (allowing time for my brain to consider the latest devilish Mercury puzzle) I stumbled across The World Accordng To Jeremy Clarkson which is essentially a collection of his columns from various editions of the Sunday Telegraph.
JC is one of those "love them or loathe them" types, and I've always had something of a fondness for the car mad giant of non-PC commentary, so tucked in greedily to this, his first book effort (I believe) and it's brilliant. With his usual aplomb and laissez faire attitude to Other People's Opinions, he lays into everything from the space programme to Austrian border guards - and more than a grain of (sometimes uncomfortable) truth shines through on many a page.
I also did something about my continuing Fasthosts situation - possibly the most expensive hosting company ever to see the light of day. After two years or so being fleeced for every last byte, I've moved everything over to which was an insanely painless process and moreover, a cheaper one too. Dedicated server, 1,000GB transfer per month, excellent control panel *and* good support? Sure, they're American but hell's bells! I know a few EED know these guys already (from when they were called Rackshack) but for someone who's been watching cash leak away for sod all its the hosting equivalent of the road to Damascus.
Lastly, I've discovered what its like to become a true cat person. The not-so-small kitties (Ellie and Robot if you must know) are now five months old and well versed in getting precisely what they want, when they want it. Whoever said "Dogs have owners, cats have staff" was bang on the money, but when you've got something that looks like this pawing at you at 6am, what are you supposed to do?!
Cats FTW


  1. Side note: This web site is on EV1, has been for years afaik?

  2. Are we not recommending fasthosts then? And if not, what's the recommendation (for noobs) to achieve something like this: