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Thursday 5 January 2006

A look back at our earliest blogs [Beej]

A trawl of recently resulted in the discovery of about half of the infamous "Missing 150", our very first blogs on this site in 2002. I've converted these ancient blogs into XML (by hand! ouch) and now they're live on this site.
Our blogstats show that we're up to 887 total blogs from 827, total comments are now 5440 from 5116, and the oldest blog in existence is blog #8 dated 06 Jun 2002.
There's some amusement to be had looking at our oldest blogging contributions to t'internet, and saving you the effort here's some highlights:
  • Blog #8: NOW LET'S MAKE SURE EVERYTHING WORKS VIA REBOT - little does Slim know the trouble he causes by suggesting, "how about a feedback system, so my fans can leave comments?". IRC and e-mail blogging indeed came first, followed by web blogging a few months later in 2002. Public blogging was ultimately pulled in March 2005 because of 'the casino twats', but realistically we must blame Slim.

  • Blog #16: EEDERS WHO HAVE CREATED NEW NOUNS - Lurks kicks off a corker of a blog, explaining what it means to 'do a Shinji'

  • Blog #72: AM I TOO OLD FOR THIS SHIT? - Lurks asks the question "Is it normal to have a mid life crisis at 31? :)" after one of those silly nights on the piss in London when he loses his coat/cash/gadgets at 414 (...again!)

  • Blog #77: NOTHER DREAM OF AN AIRCRASH - not suitable for children, Am braindumps a rather bleak story of how he "seems to have these weird repeat dreams about plane crashes". Readers will be pleased to know that our finest champagne-quaffing legal mind is still with us and regularly flies to the Cayman Islands to check his bank account.


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