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Tuesday 17 January 2006

The Hoose that Jack Built (while pished) [Shedir]

Bad things happen in three's, oh yes don't they fucking just.
12/12/05 Tumble drier goes phut
15/12/05 Boiler stops giving hot water for longer than 2 mins
Friday just past, cooker goes bang.


Guy comes to repair tumble drier, while this is out of action I'm out £15 a week getting gear dried at laundrette and a wife with tourettes about drier, wrong parts had been ordered origionally.
Boiler apparently needs a 'power flush', but they're going to try and repair it. A power flush is £450! A new boiler is 600 christ. Provided I can talk a plumber here at work into a homer that is. But there's new radiators needed with this too. sigh.
Meanwhile the microwave is supplying us with brekkie, porridge..lunch, soup and sometimes dinner, baked spud. I now glow in the dark.
All in all what a pain in the arse.
On the plus side, my 4 can fridge beside the PC screen is fine :)


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