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Tuesday 9 May 2006

Broken Ipods.. [Vagga]

Nothing to do, so this is a quite pointless blog! We've had a number of ipoddy blogs down the years, so why not kill time and keep an old subject alive at same time!
Until very recently I have had a 2nd Gen 40 gig ipod. Ive had it for bloody ages. Never had a single problem with it, battery was still ace.
I got it from someone who got it as a present a bunch of Christmases ago [when I did Christmas with my brothers and sisters over there], and this bloke did not want it. So I bought it for fuck all in the first place. Stupid Americans FTW!
I'm not quite sure what happened, but it started causing serious problems about 2 months ago. When I connected it to my PC, the computer would blue screen near instantly.
When I rebooted PC the PC would start a scandisk on the ipod, and would never complete, as the PC would bluescreen before it got to the end. I can only assume the HD is buggered.
So I enquired in 3 places about replacing the ipod hard drive [apple store, and 2 apple approved fix it people]. All 3 places gave the same ball park price, just short of £200. Two hundred fucking quid to pop open the ipod, and replace the standard laptop HD, a HD costing them between 10 and 100 quid! And i betcha its the low end of that too.
So I said fuck it, and I got a new 30 gig 5th Gen ipod, with colour screen and shit. Cost me 250 [200 + 50 for the extended 2 year warranty]. Its a 'well done' to myself for eventually following thru and leaving SI!
But the fucking things dont support firewire anymore. Cunt0rs. Whats that about?
But Im thinking, online ipod fixing, there must be some kind of tool to open then ipod, after that its a peice of piss. Charge £150 quid, and your still making a killing :D


  1. Dude. I'm a long term iPod user, having been an early 1Gen adaptor thanks to Brit. The 1Gen was great but ultimately the battery died at the 18 month point and I think I replaced it (before iPod refurbishments really existed) and I got another 6+ months use out of it. There were some HD issues - long seek times - but basically it still worked when eBayed.
    I sourced a 3Gen from a friend travelling through HK and whilst the touchy buttons were rubbish on that design, this one also lasted 18 months. However, although I could have replaced the battery, the HD was as good as dead on this one. It would take seconds to seek files and syncing would be incomplete with vanishing songs. A full format would not fix the issue, and there were no reported physical problems and no sectors marked bad, so I don't think it was the platter itself IYSWIM. The only way this one was going to live was with a battery and HD transplant, and this is just not worth the money or the effort, that would be no-sense!
    iPods are throw-away devices at the end of the day, and now I have my Nano which has no moving parts and a nice colour screen and fits in any jacket pocket without a second thought. It's also USB only, but I thought this is *as supplied*, not actually a technical limitation? Don't both cables work if you buy em?
    The car dock I use now has a sleeve to accept the Nano, and big thumbs up overall. My black Nano is the best of the three generations of iPods that I've owned :-)

  2. Coming up to three years for me and my 3rd gen. Love it to bits, and beyond some minor scuffing it is as spritely as the day it was created.
    My iPod is the one thing that if it was lost or broken, I'd have to run out straight away and replace it.

  3. nope, when I plugged in Firewire cable it asked me to plug in USB cable please!
    Its the same cable, just with split ends, so it had both firewire and usb. But firewire no longer works at all :(
    [also not happy that my itrip also no longer works, as the connection things are gone - explains why I could not find one anywhere over here!]

  4. Regarding the iTrip: are you sure the connection things actually matter? On mine its just a blank piece of board that is just used to anchor it into position. All the good stuff goes down the headphone jack. I would imagine you could just snip this off.
    Regarding USB: the biggest pain in the arse for a 3rd gen user is that you can't charge by USB. And since they've moved away from Firewire, it means I can no longer buy a charger for my iPod. Sucks!