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Wednesday 10 May 2006

It's a small world... [Mistral]

Coincidence – It’s a small world
Life’s strange.
Having a chat with the project manager I’ve been working with for the past year and sits next to me at work. Conversation turns to how small our first homes were.
My first house was in Grange Park - So was mine
In Asham Road – So was mine
In one of those little courtyards on the left – so was mine
Second one from the end – Mine too
Can’t remember number but it had flats at the end of the garden – yep!
Might have been the same house – perhaps?
Might have to ask our better half’s what the house number was.
10 Minutes later...was the neighbour Paul the Postman……err Yep!
He does a little maths – at the same time I figure out 7 years this house, 7 years last = 14 years ago.
Now Swindon is not a small place. It’s swamped with rabbit hutch 2 bed starter homes. He was working for an Oil company in London at the time. I was at Zurich so no work connection and hence no specific locality connection.
What is the chance of selling a house to someone and then 14 years later working on the same 2 man team with them!!!!
Previous strange coincidences…
Working with a new IBM global services manger from Birmingham a few years back. At end of first day we both say we need to leave early - we have commitments that evening.
That afternoon/evening my Californian friend, over in the UK for a few days, visits with her new boyfriend she’s living with. We have a meal and they have to dash ‘up north’ to stay the night at her boyfriends friends house.
Next morning I meet the IBM chappie again. “I think we have friends in common…”
Same Friend in California. We go to stay out there with her. Also staying with her is close friend of hers – ex Brit programmer now dolphin trainer. One year later my wife’s work friend who lives in Reading gets a lift from her close friend over to our house to all go out to a work do…
It’s really strange realising that our friend in California has the same best buddy as my wife’s friend in Reading!!!!
Anyone else have these strange moments?


  1. No.
    So AmLan III - yes or no?

  2. After leaving the balmy Exeter hills, clutching a fresh BSc, I headed for the frozen wastelands of the North (Sheffield) where I worked for two years. When the company went tits up, I migrated back down south where started work for Dunbar & met my future missus. Turns out she was a student in Sheffield when I was living there & worked behind the bar in my local. Probably served me a pint & thought "soft pissed southener!"

  3. Okay, I have a coincidence:
    Yesterday, my daily report was report number #666. Basically, this is because it happens to have been the 666th day since the report was first begun back in 2004.
    Today, it is 6/6/6 and so my report number will be #667.
    Very close to a slightly spooky coincidence :-)

  4. 666 - Number of the Beast
    667 - Neighbour of the Beast