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Tuesday 2 May 2006

So you think you're finished huh? [Am]

So last week I found myself taking an exam. Derivatives and Commodities. Can't be bothered to explain it and sure as hell you would be even less interested. But let this be a salutory life pointer for the young (apparently some of them read this site); as I completed this latest travail I realised it was precisely the 20th, yes twentieth, exam I had taken post-graduately and professionally since I exhaled on the last day of my university finals "thank fuck I never have to take any exams again". Oh and you know how the really irritating fucks go on about how much harder it is to do stuff when you're older and have a full-time job which occupies you 14 hours a day including travel? Unfortunately right.
So there's a happy thought if you're an undergrad or A Level student. If you hand your chips over here, I'll piss on 'em too. There is no charge.
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