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Friday 26 May 2006

Gameshadow [Lurks]

Through my work I've had some dealings with this outfit called Gameshadow. They make something pretty damn cool for gamers but which is criminally undermarketed. Gameshadow basically just scans your hard drive for games installed like the game launcher apps kinda do except what they do is advise on new patches, mods, add-ons and other relevant things like drivers too. Check it out.
It's actually a small well behaved application that works surprisingly well and it's just the ticket to get your games up to scratch before the upcoming summer LAN action. Also today it has gone 'free' which means you can basically download as many patches, demos, mods etc as you like up to about a 1GB limit per month. The great thing is these downloads come from them directly so they're often a better place to get them than the nasty game publisher web sites.
Pretty cool stuff, no wonder they're adding about 30,000 users a month.


  1. Cool, just needs integrating with :)

  2. Heh! Of course if you have no-cds or warez etc it just says unsupported versions but then generally everyone is using legit versions of stuff you want to be patched up to play at LANs etc so it's all good. The no-cd stuff is a bit of a pain for your single player stuff though. If game publishers weren't such wankers we wouldn't need to do that stuff...