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Saturday 27 May 2006

BSL, or life in an old dog [Shedir]

Had an encient laptop kicking about, compaq armada 1560D. Basically about a 133 processor with 13MB of RAM.
A shitebox and no mistake.
I was going to bin it but heard of puppyos, this required 64mb ram though, so farcially was too heavy for this PC.
BSL though, this thing runs on 8mb ram minimum! I couldn't get the lappy to boot from CD but a boot floppy some fdisking and you're away. A couple of attempts and it's up and running.
Bit of googling and gave it a 1gb swapfile as well. Bugger me if it's no usable for basics. Bit of IRC, using Dillo for lightweight web browsing.
A throwaway bit of kit given a use, ecowarrior to the max! Or I'm just too skint/tight to buy a proper lappy, we all know the truth here :)
Anyways, I'm going to build a better desk area in my pc cupboard and have this beside the main pc. So for the occasions I'm in wow or a game I can do basic browsing and talk shite with puns in the crosshatch.

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  1. For those who are actually interested in finding out about this stuff:PuppyOSBSLDamn Small Linux (inspiration/predecessor of BSL)