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Tuesday 11 July 2006

CSI Crapola [Beej]

So... I'm switching channels on TV and Caruso comes on, so I figure its CSI Miami. And it is! So forgive me as I'm new to this and I've only really seen the Vegas one and I thought it was quite good.
In the episode I'm watching, there's a bank robbery, which the Crime Scene Investigators are first on the scene to. Riiight. Stick with me for this bit - then there's a tsunami in Miami, as big as a lighthouse the CGI says. Caruso survives by... locking himself in the bank's vault with the victims of the robbery (from where he watches the tidal wave crash above them on CCTV). They walk out about 10mins later, natch.
Oh, and then they find out the robbery was a distraction, the actual plan being to steal some gold and then float it away on the receeding waters (they know this from some special nylon they found at the scene... etc etc)
This is what CSI:Miami is all about eh? What a load of hogwash :)

1 comment:

  1. that was one of the more farfetched eps - mostly they are more in line with the real forensic stuff like the other two. mostly i like all three, but i think as the series have gone along they've had to try to keep things fresh by getting a bit more outlandish - which is fair enough given that once you've seen them superglue fingerprints 20 times, it gets a bit old. it's just a shame that the stories are starting to overtake the sciencey stuff imo