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Wednesday 26 July 2006

Gr-argh-aw [Slim]

Graw PC is potentially fucking amazing. After the Massive fucking over of the rainbow six series being wussed out to make a good xbox game, it gives me the horn to find Graw for the PC has been specially put together to target the more complex stylee of the original Ghost games. The maps are huge sprawling cityscapes, bigger than the console versions, there's an overhead 3d tactical view that you can issue commands on, theres's no shite damage model, one shot and your dead boy, lordy and the visuals are all hdr hot sex! Fucking amazing, finally something to get stuck into!
So off I go, the tutorial kicks in, oh you just use the middle mouse to command your troops? Fab. Go here then matey. No here. here. HERE YOU FUCER! Jeez its completely fucked, either the squad ignores you, says no to your command, executes your command perfectly but exteremly slowly, or takes some fucking roundabout route through the enemy to your assigned target that its dead before it arrives anyway.
Oh and it crashes, a lot. It's on it's third patch and it's still crashing every half hour. And the savegames are shit savepoints that mean you have to replay loads. And they fucked up multiplayer over the old ghost games by only allowing 4 player coop.
Twats, they fucked it after all, gah.


  1. Hmmm, think I've had it crash but only once.
    The squad does take a bit of micro management, think they have to be able to see their target or be within a certain range for an attack command to work. The worst thing I had was sometimes the pathfinding got stuck with one of them being unable to find me & constantly running into a wall. Although in fairness I think I'd forgotten the fella & left him a way behind before i realised.
    The co-op was ace fun though, me, am, muz & lotts played through all the maps. I think the 4 player limit is for balancing?, any more & it would be a bit too crowded?
    Anyway, theres a new update due soon with more co-op maps and a new game mode.
    We tried a bit of domination at AmLAN which was OK, haven't tried it on publics yet.
    It's not perfect, but definetly not fucked by a long chalk.

  2. Crashed for me quite a bit, gave up in the end and played something else. It's Ubisoft, we can't actually expect it to work right?