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Friday 7 July 2006

Earphones - I have found DAH ONE! [Houmous]

As many of you know ( and Lurks is getting really bored with me recounting to all my friends whenever I introduce him ) the only reason any of you know me is because I was thinking of buying a pair of Sennheiser PX200 headphones – I banged them into Google and for some strange reason the EED web site came up at the top of the list ( cause someone had done a blog on them ).
Wow I thought – what a great site – what interesting people – what a quiet reflective type this Lurks character seems to be…. I was wrong on all counts of course but, sadly, that didn’t stop me joining up. Now if you continue to follow this thread you get to the fact that the only reason Lurks now lives in a strange place by the sea across the road to me is also because of the holy PX200’s….but hey! Lets not get too anal right?
What most of you don’t know however is that I have a bit of head/earphone fetish and seem to spend vast sums of money on what ever is the new best thing…since the PX200’s the Houmous lugholes have graced many other sound devices including Etymotic Research earpieces ( don’t ask how much ), Sony MDR 7502’s ( my small headphones are kewl in the gym phase ) and lets not forget the old favourite – the Shure e4c’s…
Now I’m not saying that these listening devices aren’t any good, but lets just say that they didn’t make me fall to my knees looking around for something to sacrifice to the God of Sound.
However, the purpose of this blog my friends is that I can now announce that I have found them -I have found the god of all listening devices – I have found - DAH ONE!
The Ultimate Ears 5Pro don’t particularly look amazing , although they do have a nice system involving a piece of wire in the cable to make them sit real good in the ears, but….the sound, my god, the sound – its like a flock of seagulls flying out your arse – and its matched only by the quality of the external sound isolation – I swear – I cannot hear a word the ticket inspector is saying!
The engineering principle is that each earbud contains two armatures, one to handle the bass and one to handle mids and trebles – the effect is just fucking amazing!
They weigh in at £146 including postage and you can get them here. Sell what ever the fuck you are using on Ebay and get some – now!


  1. No mike, so no teamspeak, so ultimate suckage :)

  2. Ah, but you forget Brit that Houmous (like the vast majority of EED) doesn't play Real Man's Games anymore, and thus has no need of teamspeak...

  3. Surely the UE-10 PRO´s has the upper hand on those, getting the fives feels kinda like just briefly touching a boob and walking away without violently sucking on it :)

  4. Brit/Muz - Of course some of us are old enough to remember playing games rather well before the existence of Roger Wilco etc...but for my occasional forays into multiplayer world I have a pair of the ultimate gentleman’s headphone/mic's - the Sennheiser PC 165 USB - never leave home without them!
    Alfa - while the $900 price tag for the UE-10 is a mere trifle for a man of my means I just cant stand the thought of a stranger taking a cast of my ears to make them :-) (Or for that matter coming to terms with having the same earphones as Robbie Williams).
    Also tell me....if I had the misfortune to spend time in your company while you had access to a boob and unlimited time what would be the differentiating factors I would notice between you "violently" sucking as opposed to just normally sucking it? :-)

  5. Muz is being somewhat disengenous since he knows full well that the bulk of EED are still playing World of Warcraft and since these real men, unlike himself, have the bottle and the stamina to reach level 60. They now engage in 40-man raids several nights a week using teamspeak. This clan has used teamspeak more in WoW, any which way you care to examine it, than we ever used it in action games.
    In fact, I have a headset on so bloody often these days it's quite nice not to be wearing the damn things from time to time. I used to be a headphone nut - I have some very very expensive top-of-the-range Sennheisers - but these days I prefer to listen with speakers just to be rid of things wrapped around my head. It's also quite a liberating thing having moved out of a terraced house in London to having our own detached house down here. Eg. being able to crank the music up and not having neighbours complain.
    Though it would appear that option is temporarily unavailable to Houmous since his house does not, at this time, appear to have a roof.