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Monday 24 July 2006

What I learned on my holidays, AmLan 3 [shedir]

Just a few golden nuggets from amlan3 my stella saturated mind flung up while waiting on my flight home.
  1. Lanners don't DO breakfast
  2. Need photos, hire Jayvid Bailey. But use own camera too!
  3. No festival, however close, can outrank WoW
  4. When declaring the rate of alcohol consumption is too slow, do not fall asleep at the PC
  5. Checking a bag 8 times does not guarantee your ticket is correct, only that it is there
  6. The quality of a barmaids ass has to be discussed at the bar, never a table
  7. Sometimes your luggage can be the hidden


  1. A fried breakfast and sugared coke can stop the shakes.Etymotic 6i earphones are quite good at blocking the sound of quardophonic alcohol fueled snoring.Don't accept a coffee from Lotts if you have no wife/gf 'available'.

  2. If a Swede points out a passing eagle, never, ever look, no matter how much of an ornithological bent you may have.

  3. 12. Do not leave your kit in your rucksack at the host's including your passport, your tickets and other shit13. Under NO circumstances share with your wife the fact that said possesions have been placed on eBay; Rue the fact, if you did, that she shared it with your work colleagues who find "Virtual Jenna - Adventures in Crack" somewhat amusing but much less so than references to your "big pants"15. Recognise the possibility that the person calling you a "fookin twat" after said Lan could be yourself......