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Sunday 17 September 2006

Hardcore Humor [shedir]

I like my jokes to be close to the bone, close to offensive to some if not actually offensive. Belters with BITE.
I've watched "the aristocrats" with glee, unashamedly disgusting humor. As low as you can go, then get a shovel out and dig up that rellie and fuck em up the ass, low.
So with a happy gait I went off to the Citizens Theatre to see Jerry Sadowitz. By god he takes no prisoners, beginning the act telling everyone to fuck off and go home as we're all cunts.
Rattling through every ethnic minority or majority he can think of and telling them all where to go, hilarious shit. Great to see folk leaving in first 10 minutes too, an adult family in front of us shot off after 20 minutes.
His jokes about women and sex were crackin too, maybe I'll type some of the best stuff up and slap it in here but even the wifey was decking herself at most of it. The paedo stuff tho was the close to the bone shit, laughter died off for huge chunks of that. I suspected thats the section Jerry enjoys most, knowing folk can't believe what they're hearing.
"Gary Glitter is the greatest rock legend we have ever created, he should be allowed to fuck who he wants...when he wants...where ever he wants....with whatever he wants."
Any gays reading this your secret is out, according to Jerry the latest gay sex trend is taking a huge shit and slapping it in the freezer. Put condoms around either end of the big frozen turd and using it as a sex toy that both guys can enjoy. what the fuck!
Anyway, check out his tour and go along. You'll get a surprise at the ending which I'm not giving out, but got the biggest laugh of the night.

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  1. I'm a big fan of Doug Nagy. He used to be on every show of The Movie Blog Podcast but now only appears once a week.
    "The ghost of Christopher Reeve may have possessed me and he may be pissed that I will not hunt down and rape his horse."