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Monday 4 September 2006

Nvidia sucks [Lurks]

I reinstalled my server and having downloaded the latest nvidia drivers I got this pop up:

Now, I thought it was just confused because I had a previous Nvidia graphics card in - a crappy old GeForce 2 MX400. You can see why I'd think that looking at the message. However later I completely reinstalled the system so it could have no possible record that it had another Nvidia graphics card in it. It still popped up on a brand new install. If you click on it, you get taken to some web site that goes rah rah SLI is great etc etc. Slowly it dawned on me.
What these wankers have done is basically made this bubble pop up on any single-GPU Nvidia system each and every time you boot up. This EA-like thinking (the guys who bring you unskipable trailers every time you load a game up) has obviously been executed as a marketing drive to increase awareness of SLI and obviously try sell more graphics cards. It is, I think you'll agree, deeply fucking pathetic and my overall view of Nivida has gone down a notch. I think they probably factored that in and said, "So what, we have their money. We want to sell NEW cards."
So the bottom line is, if you have an Nvidia graphics card and you're installing the latest drivers, you're going to want this which is a reg entry to get rid of it. How generous of them. Twats.


  1. Also, these wankers have taken a leaf out of ATI's book and rather than just have the goddamn graphics cards settings in display properties advanced, they've sort of put them on a whole set of web pages instead. Well okay, it's not quite as bad as the .NET monstrosity of ATI's control panel although merifully you don't have to download it. Anyway on Nvidia's stuff, if you go to 'SLI settings' where you might reasonably be searching for the fucking option to get rid of the stupid fucking pop-up, there's no settings at all. Just links to more marketing shit. This is the kind of shit they fill up the 40 megabytes of drivers with apparently. There's some incredible delusions of grandeur going on at these graphics technology guys. Honestly, you fucks, we don't care. We bought the goddamn card now we just want drivers which do what they're supposed to do, rather than 35MB of marketing shite. I say again. Twats.

  2. Lame for sure. I find that my SLI rig randomly disables SLI, so before each game, I have to check that it's enabled. How lame!