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Thursday 21 September 2006

who's tightest, me or 02 [shedir]

Wifey has a phone with 02, £19 a month contract usually averages about 2-3 quid a month higher than that.
Her contract expires next month, fancies the Samsung d900 as my sister got one and it's "lovely". Call 02 on her behalf to be told she can't have it as she doesn't spend enough on her contract.
I was pretty annoyed at that, but new punters can get one "yeah". Right gimme her pac code and I'll start a new contract, with you, and she'll get what she wants. For once in her life (boom tish).
Is it just me being tight, or is this really a dumb way for a company to behave. It's not like there's no competitors out there ffs!

1 comment:

  1. Dosen't everyone knows that existing customers are the scum of the earth?