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Friday 15 September 2006

Top 5 Guilty Pleasure Albums [Spiny]

I was flicking through my collection last night & had an 80s throwback moment. Got me thinking - what are my top 5 guilty pleasure albums. You know, ones that you don't crow about, but *really* take you back :)
#5 Offspring - Smash. Amusing US juvenile pretend punk.
#4 The Systers Of Mercy - Floodland. My neuromantic backlash.
#3 Ultravox - Vienna. Box jackets, baggy trousers, 1000 yard stares and eyeliner. How can it be wrong?
#2 Duran Duran - Rio. Perhaps the greatest pop album ever. And hot chicks on yachts.
#1 Gloria Estefan - Salsa!

So, what's in your cupboard?...

[Edited for "getting my dances begining with 'S' confused"]


  1. Ummm I was kind of with you there for all of the post until the last line when I suddenly then found myself lying in blasted plaster as I had hurled myself back on the wheeled intellichair into the wall screaming "Gloria Estafan!!!!!!". As the racked breath returned to my broken body, it may have sounded like 'Samba' as my bloodied fingers inched for my mobile but I... THINK... FUCKING.... NOT!!!!!
    You, sir, have taken the FA Cup, Euro Championship, World Cup, Ashes, World Series and Tour de Mince of the most metrosexual choice of guilty pleasure album evah. EVAH!
    Some cunt here'll top it. They always do.

  2. I have this theory that most guilty pleasure albums are Best Ofs. Accordingly, here are mine:The Best Of Belinda CarlisleDef Leppard - HysteriaThe Best Of ErasureAbba - GoldDuran Duran - DecadeShould anyone need me I'll be in my boudoir, vogue-ing.

  3. 1. Alex Parks - An Introduction. It's wrong, so very wrong but I like the baggy pants lesbo chick. I was going to put Cyndi Lauper but thought that might have a bizarre bit of retro-cred now.
    2. Evanescence - Fallen. It's terrible. It's like the burger of music. You shouldn't like the faux opera singer and those 80s chops but... bah.
    3. Electric Light Orchestra - Time. Name someone else that would write a song about one robot's love for another in 2095.
    4. Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Flaunt It. Blatant, unadulterated, marketed pop but it's great anyway.
    5. Triumph - Thunder Seven. Kind of sums up a whole cupboard of dirty secrets of 80s big-hair rock bands... It was this or Poison mmkay?

  4. I thought ELO were quite rehabilitated and even quite cool again but anyway cor it's coming out of the woodwork eh :)
    I'm not sure that I've got many guilty pleasure albums that fall into that category of omf(dear)g but I will volunteer the following in the spirit of this thread;
    1. t.A.T.u - 200 kmh In the Wrong Lane. Their cover of How Soon Is Now by The Smiths is absolutely fucking brilliant. There.
    2. Gene Loves Jezebel - The Motion of Love. Welsh indie lipstick alt-rock that went to Hollywood in the 80's. Somehow hugely romantic in a fucked up way struggling with two voices that yelped and hollered but erm weren't great singing voices. Great song. I've always loved bands that never quite made it.
    3. Tears For Fears / OMD - Anything by. God, in a really bad circumstances, could make me want to put my hands together and shake 'em like the 80's never ended. Who's got some cheap Khol eyeliner?
    4. Early U2 - pre-Boy singles, Boy, October. Dodgy early stuff / mullet-haired righteous stuff spouting so much shit you could pass single handed for the Malehide refuse agency, you name it I'm there and will fight for the right for a man to be a knee lengthed booted fool for years so that one day he could be cool. Although later period I recently bought The Unforgettable Fire which I haven't heard since it was most important album of 15ish (together with Cure stuff then). Managed to get tears welling up in my eyes driving into work twice. Ok they dripped. Ok Pride made me cry like a baby, accelerate to 130 and dare a truck to move into the fast lane and crush me like a fly. Except the Fly was only mneh.
    5. It's been said before it'll be said again - Duran. Great band. Great great band. If you're under 40 and hear a camera motor-drive go "Tschk-tschk-tschk-tschk" and don't think Girls on Film and flair your nostrils with a desire to wrestle fillies dressed in sumo costumes into a paddling pool of baby oil then you sir are a bird sir err m'am or you sir like men sir. Greatest audio empirical test of heterosexuality evah. Evah!!! EVAH!!!!!!!

  5. 80´s stuff doesnt count. Its in again. And besides, its always been good.
    But Girls Aloud - Biology, now there is proper guilt. That is shit that causes panic in the car when you realise you play it way to loud and your approaching people that could hear it.
    Although credit has to be given for "Evanescence" and "Offspring", for fucks sake ;)

  6. Gene Loves Jezebel ! Oh my giddy aunt, I thought I was the only one! I still have Discover & Promise hiding in the attic!

  7. OMFGZZZZ. Spiny it is your responsibility, nay your obligation, nay your flipping national duty to rip that and get it ahem 'up' for the boys to understand whereof we spake! Now!