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Friday 13 July 2007

Has man's Inner Nerd hit critical mass [Shedir]

It's not often you can say you were a bit visionary, but I'm surprised how many of my nerdy passions as a wean have been taken onboard by the masses.
Video Gaming is the obvious one, the ridicule I got at school over playing games. I reckon they were just jealous of my Spectrum mind you, never mind my uber activision cartridge space inaders / pong sexy box.
Then there's sci-fi, ffs every other TV series seems to incorporate that now without a second thought. Matrix like films about, all making money at the box office.
Then ultra saddo stuff from my youth fantasy as a genre that was one which got folk a good kicking. Ursula le Guen in your schoolbag and you were going again' the wa' at high speed. Now every kid is into Potter and the parents don't object to seeing it either!
Now I was a pen n paper RPGer too at school, amazing how much time you had to fart about back then, while thats still not mainstream MMORPG's are! EQ/Warcraft etc.., millions of folk enjoying RPG stuff online, never mind the big single player games for PC and consoles.
Then there's comics! Good god, OK comics you didn't really get grief for at school. But walking into the pub for your lasagne and a couple of pints on a sat afternoon is normal. But when I came in with 10 marvel comics and some sci-fi books the initial reaction was one of "ya fanny".
Now all these people are quite happily gobbling up x-men / hulk / bat & spider-man films quite happily.
Of course working in IT was another thing that got odd reactions 20 years ago, "Pete the typist" was my moniker from the pub football team. Most of whom now have PC's and regard me as some tehcno-whizz when I have to recover their shitboxes from their fumblings.
Appreciate your inner nerd and be happy in the knowledge that one day the masses will come to love theirs too.

1 comment:

  1. You've forgotten "alcohol" on that list of yours.