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Thursday 26 July 2007

Modern times, how far have we come? [Shedir]

OK so we're now in a post industrial UK. Sad as that is. Though glad to see the Clyde yards won the contract to build two new warships.

How do you think attitudes have changed on things between our generation and this?

Most of my mates at home work in construction / manual type work. Welders, sparks etc... Good work/drink ethic top blokes.

Something which I clocked on the news last week was "roughly a third of all food bought is binned, which is creating a massive vermin problem". While I wasn't poor growing up I was strictly told to clean my plate and food was hard to come by.

Now we appear to be a post agricultural UK! Food imported majorly, farms paid to NOT til the fields and grow crops. Hit the supermarket and it's BOGOF this, 33% free that. I still eat the kids leftovers rather than bin them, which doesn't help the battle vs the bulge.

Anyone else still feel like this?

As a society we appear to be so blaise and lax, food hasn't been cheaper or more plentiful. Do we move towards top notch cuisine? Do we chuff, straight to lowest common denominator. Oven/Micro food for the masses. It's bloody depressing. I like cooking, but I dont' make my own sauces or that. Just try and get better quality pre-made ones.

It's sad, but what can you do? I'm trying to get the kids into cooking and they're enjoying it. But they don't eat stuff they don't like most of the time and because food is so cheap I just rattle up something else. But am just left with the feeling this is wrong.


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