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Saturday 14 July 2007

Wet With Anticipation [Spiny]

As we bake in the 12 hours that is the traditional British summer, news of this years hot games comes from E3 etc.
  • UT3 (November). It's UT! Shiny Floors! Headshots! New Onslaught!
  • TF2! (and LH2 ep2 ;)). Incredible!(s)
  • Call Of Duty 4. Not WW2!
  • Crysis
  • Bioshock. Cor.
  • Gears Of War. Extra content over the breakbox 360, Windows Live support & all under XP.
  • Hellgate London. Monstars!
  • Clive Barker's Jericho. Scary!
  • Also ran: QW:ET, if it's anything like the beta it's poo. I hope they fix it

What's your hot list?...
(If you say Halo3 I may rupture my spleen laughing)

1 comment:

  1. All players have a skateboard-like hoverboard when playing gametypes featuring vehicles, intended to provide a fast way to get around the larger maps of UT3. While on the hoverboard, players may "skitch", or attach themselves to a vehicle in order to be "towed" quickly. Players are unable to use their weapons, and are extremely vulnerable to attacks; the hoverboard is intended for non-combat use only. Players are able to perform tricks while on the hoverboard.
    Potentially for UT3, really fucking gay BTTF shit :)