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Saturday 29 September 2007

Enemy Territory Quake Wars Random thoughts [Spiny]

ETQW popped through the letterbox today. I'd forgotten to cancel my preorder based on the horrible experience I had with the earlier beta & demo...

...but you know what? It's actually not half bad. They've got propper sound assets in now & it's a raucous battle experience. The classes have all got useful stuff, there's a wealth of ways you can contribute to the team. Combat is pretty satisfying and it runs very well indeed (1650x1050 here on normal settings with an X1900).

The objective system is good, even if the HUD is a little frightening at first. It's all useful info though & a read through the manual is well worth while, unusually enough. Playing as engineer is fun, as is sniper. solider has the typical iD hit-where-you-aim feel rather than CS randomness.

Nice open larger scale class based combat, vs TF2's tighter quarters.

PS, Don't get the special edition, the extra disc is crap.

1 comment:

  1. I actually quite liked the beta, and I'm pleased to to say the full game is better still, certainly being able to play a mix of maps (if nothing else) makes the whole experience much more interesting.I was a big fan of the battlefield series, but to me Quake Wars takes that formula and makes it work ; The objectives keep the action well glued together, vechicles are part of the game rather than what its all about. Overall, I'd say well worth a look...