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Wednesday 12 September 2007

WWII.2,782 [Spiny]

With great games out like Bioshock and the imminent arrival of TF2 there's a pretty good game that may have slipped under your radar...Medal Of Honor Airborne Assault [Crappy transatlantic spelling].

"Sigh another WWII game" I hear.

Well, yes, except that I reckon it's better than Call of Duty 2 by a fair margin. I won't attempt a proper review, there's lots on the interwebs. Instead I'll just give a quick few bullets on the good & bad:

Teh ubar:

  • An odd one this, but the effects when you run are done really well, probably the best I've ever seen in a game, and help to make it very immersive.

  • It's shooting Germans!

  • And Italians!

  • The combat is more frenetic & free form than other WWII games. e.g. you can scurry up a ladder, hop across a few rooftops to flank that mg42 & bust a cap in Fritz's head from above. Entry to the battlefield is *anywhere* by parachute.

  • Despite the realistic setting, there's nice fun arcadey tasks. e.g. get enough accurate kills & you're rewarded with a weapon upgrade & max payne style slomo with invulnerability sequence. There's "skill drops", you get bonuses for parachuting down to awkward spots like the top of a stone column.

  • It runs well & this is a 'proper' DX9 generation game.

  • It works with the steam community chat stuff.

Teh suck:

  • When enemies are shot they sometimes turn ridiculous somersaults as a result of taking your bullet.

  • As ever, the v 1.0 server browser is completely broken so I haven't tried multiplayer.


  1. Hmm, will there be a European patch where they'll spell honour correctly? I'm tempted to give it a shot but I feel like I'd be validating EA in some sense. Is it morally okay to warez it just because it's EA? I wonder if anyone has tried this sort of defence in court. "But your honour, it's EA fer chrissakes!"


  2. A massive downside was the fact that the single player campaign was short as hell. Bashed through it in one day. We'll have to see if the multiplayer works properly, though. Then again, CoD4's coming and at least that's not bloody WWII again plus the kill streak bonuses and customisable special abilities sound like a ton of fun.