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Friday 28 September 2007

TF2 Achievements [Spiro]

It's a nice part of the game and I thought we could come up with a few of our own achievements, for instance:

Protect the medic (more than once by accident) as the heavy

wait for the rest of your team to spawn before charging off alone

Play as part of a team for at least 1 round

Lets have some more?


  1. everyone having voice comms

    everyone having voice comms and ptt

    everyone having voice comms, ptt, and mics not set to mumblefuck level


  2. 1. As engineer actually build a goddamn teleporter.

    2. As sniper kill the ENEMY sniper rather than kill whoring.

    3. If there's already four of a class, pick SOMETHING ELSE.

  3. Award for killing enemy spies, an award which is directly tied to preventing them from sapping shit. You know, as opposed using sapped deployables as an indicator of there being a spy in the first place. Award for regularly maintaining a teleporter as an engineer. Plenty of people I've seen do eventually build one (a change is as good as a rest, they say) but then fail to keep on top of them in terms of the fact the exit inevitably gets destroyed.I'm particularly liking KV's use of the word "mumblefuck". Its true - if you have voice comms and ptt, then spend a few moments setting it up using the local loopback testing thingy. Its incredibly frustrating to have people sound like a distant railway platform announcer!


  4. Award for ruling

    Award for providing urgent backup

    Award for Soldier who takes out dangerous turret from behind a corner

    Award for any Soldier who bothers to rocket jump for tactical advantage

    Award for the Heavy who can target the enemy medic or other un-healed enemies before wasting 200 rounds of ammo on the enemy's healed heavy

    Award for anyone who switches class for the benefit of the team (sorry DrTeeth, this one isn't for you!)

    Award for any Medic who knows when its time to engage the enemy hand-to-hand and not run away still in heal mode, leaving his heavy on his own to a certain death