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Monday 17 September 2007

TF2 and mondays [Am]

TF2 is supposed to be out today for beta play. For some of the clan, this has left them slightly....mneh.... for others it has left us slavering with anticipation and hoping, after the munificence bestowed on us by Bioshock, that we are about to see another really fun well made game come to the PC platform.

Unfortunately a couple of sites are reporting a chatlog with some members of the Valve team which says the release will be out 'late in the day'.

Since Valve have chosen to make base in Bellvue, Washington, which means the state, not DC, and therefore Seattle on the West Coast of the USA or, more pragmatically, practically Canada (and therefore, basically, the North Pole), they end up being closer to Russia than Rusholme and this means they are -8 hours to Blighty. Therefore 'late in the day' would equate, most probably, or ‘prolly’ for those of you reading this under the age of 20, to 'not playing it today' for us here. NoTF 2dy wot a fkn fkr m8 rite.... sm1's gnna get cut!

Damn you circumference of the world! Damn you t = d/s!

Therefore anyone reading this blog who owns some sort of advanced weapons’ global satellite that happens to be passing over the western seaboard in the next couple of hours – would you mind applying a little zap-ray just here please; ....nothing too serious mind, just enough to stop them nicking off to the ‘Beaux Arts Village’ (WITNOFF that is), drinking too much Seattle coffee and eating gnghhhh, I don’t know, probably…pastries! We’ve got your extended-lunch dev habits marked Valve and it won’t be long before the infamous HL2 ‘hack’ is exposed for the smokescreen it was to allow Gabe to get half a pound of Bled kremshnita down his neck. May your Danish be filled with Lutefisk and may your every struddle prolapse! *!&£’s!


  1. Not drunk - perhaps the problem mmmm - but I think rather my answer should be.... where's your imagination laddy??? I rest my case!!


  2. Well, I spose it's not that funny but I had to chuckle checking out IRC this morning at 6.30am british time to see Beej was still up at 2.30am like a good pilgrim waiting for the musket 'n' shot ship to come in from Greenwich only to find...nyet.... Ans faked up a 'hahah TF2' at 3 something a.m. and so, doing my tie up and heading off to work, well, I thought, that's got to have disappointed a few people.....

    A few??? Holy far flung fetid flamings of the frothing fanboi batman, while we were all snug in our pits dreaming of electricsheep, the US kids went absolutely bang-up mentalist across the shacknews and tf forums. If you don't mind the prospect of blowing your coffee across your keyboard, there is most amusing reading to found there of threatened class actions, arch flame wars between europeans and americans of west, central and east coast varities about the meaning of time (you need to get a doctor of space and time in like we have fools!) and all sorts of threatenings of credit card cancellations, never-buying-a-game-again-from-valve-ism, physical and reputational violence, despair, pestilence and weeping of wimmin. A grade 'A' internet Madness bustup. Excellent :)

    As far as I can work out, the thing went live variously for different people around about 2-3am CST which is 6 hours behind us so errr about 8am our time on? Anyone having any luck?

    (Edited - wtf is it with this text editor randomly swallowing spaces between words likethis so that you have to edit??)


  3. Aye, it's up, Snatch is up and various workshy EED'ers are wooting about how much it rules, the swines!


  4. It does rule. The only thing I can find which is a bit fucked is 1) not being able to reserve slots for clannies on their own server etc and 2) the sound is fucked up. Positioning is all over the shop, stuff sounds next to you when it's miles away etc.

    And jesus christ, if that's all you can come up with... then it's fairly safe to say it rules.