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Wednesday 19 March 2008

eBuyer's eMediocre eService [Beej]

Over the years we've all used eBuyer and we've all had enough experience with them to know that they're pretty mediocre on the customer service front. Things randomly don't turn up or randomly aren't in stock - we know this and that's why all of us here tend to make our serious orders from somewhere transparent and reliable - like Dabs or Komplett or Amazon.
ebuyer logo
So eBuyer have expanded greatly of late. They have a banal glossy catalogue and sell bench presses and now proudly do eNotes in a 6pt font. Unfortunately, even with a spangly eNote system, their customer service is still crap.

I recently ordered another drive, another Seagate Barracuda in fact. The price was excellent, really can;t complain about it, and I was happy to play the eBuyer delivery lottery as there's no rush (I chose 5-day free delivery, and they sent it same day... last time I bought from them I paid extra for 2-day delivery, and it took 6-days to arrive... classic ebuyer).

When I noticed eBuyer have my name wrong, I wrote them an eNote. How spiffy, a customer service message portal. This will be easy, thinks I! Now they funnel you through FAQs of course before you're permitted to write an eNote, and natch there isn't a FAQ for having the wrong name on your account.

What do eBuyer say when I write my eNote? No they can't change my name. You see, they understand that my first name isn't "mister", yes thank you for your eNote, but no sir, we can't fix that.

Muppets. Same old eBuyer muppets.

1 comment:

  1. Updated with another poor eBuyer experience I'm afraid. Ordered a 4850 with "free delivery" Payment was taken immediately and stock was "allocated" and prepared for delivery Item sat in warehouse for 5 days ...during which period, the order may NOT be cancelled as the button is mysteriously greyed out if you selected free delivery Item is sent out by Shitty Link on the day of your order + 7. No, of course they don't leave a card.Don't create an eNote unless you want it deleted. You're not allowed to be critical, and no, it is still not possible to change my name from "Mr".Also, two independent reports from colleagues who have ordered screens (one monitor, one telly) and in both cases, had them turned up without packaging. That's right, in a box. Without the packaging. Because clearly it has been sent out to a previous punter and sent right back. Which is... reassuring.eBuyer think they're like Amazon. They're not. Because they have no customer service.