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Tuesday 25 March 2008

Hats off to the working classes [Shedir]

In the pub I'm often called "pete the typist" in a derisory fashion by my mates who are generally hands on grafters. So on Saturday I had waited long enough on my mates joiner buddy sorting my skirting boards out, so did it myself.

5 and a half hours later my legs were killing me. A nice hot bath with a beer and some tunes helped, but its only today *Tuesday* my legs feel like they're my own again.

It wasn't difficult to do, panel pins and no more nails, just damn hard work. Which from my ergonomic chair with anti RSI keyboard is something I'm not used too :)

Romantic notions of leaving IT behind and taking up a traditional trade are now well and truly shelved.


  1. Yep, much respect. On the other hand as a profession, it's a bit of a worry having a job that depends on your physical fitness isn't it. You get on a bit, you can't do it. Course maybe us fat IT bastards will die early anyway so they'll have the last laugh anyhow :-)


  2. Yeah, the handsome chippy will make your coffin and fettle your lady wife on top of it. The swine!

    Arf, Pete the typist is so funny.

    I don't know many people who have 'proper' jobs, consquently I can't call on any of the useless bastards called friends to sort my shithole of a house out.

    There's a Java guy at work who seems to be onto something. He uses his generous University 38 days holiday and weekends to fit bathrooms and general DIY. He recently did my bathroom, tiling, electricals, plumbing - the lot. It took a lot longer than it should and he'd often appear at 7pm for a couple of hours work but that's because he'd run out of holiday and I'd waited too long to call on his services.